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Download the latest version at: http://www.mansoft.nl/ui_post/ui_post.zip

For a demo of this package look at: http://www.mansoft.nl/ui_post/test_ui.php

ui_post.zip contains the library ui_post.php, a demo test_ui.php with its template templates/test_ui.htm

This block function allows HTML authors to automatically save filled in values from HMTL UI elements <input> (types 'text', 'checkbox', and 'radio'), <select> and <textarea>. Often a form action is the same form returning content depending on the UI elements, UI elements defined between {ui_post} and {/ui_post} are initialized with the HTML initialisation values on the first visit and initialized with $_POST values when the user submits the form.

Note: the HTML code between {ui_post} and {/ui_post} must be XHTML so it is best to use XHTML files as templates!

Thanks to Liu Chang for <textarea> support.

you can contact me at hfmanson at home dot nl