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=== Addons ===

# SmartyValidate Simple yet powerful form validation class for Smarty.

# SmartyFormtool A javascript plugin collection for Smarty forms.

# SmartyPaginate A pagination tool for Smarty applications.

# SmartyPaginateRewrite Modified functions for SmartyPaginate 1.6 which allows you to create simple mod_rewrite links.

# ValidatePHP A form validation system for Smarty.

# SmartyDoc Automated X/HTML document generation with no restrictions on when templates can specify tags intended for the document <head>.

# ClipCache Adds functionality to allow template blocks (clips) to have caching characteristics separate from the template it belongs to. Also allows changing of delimiters within clip blocks.

# macro With this prefilter You can set macros in a smarty-Template. And use them from a separate File.

# TagCloud Adds functionality to add tag clouds to a website.

=== Block Functions ===

# foreachgroup - Operates like the xslt for-each-group tag; breaks the array (or iterator) up into groups and iterates over them, setting $current_grouping_key and $current_group variables.

# split - Loop structure similar to foreach that breaks an array into groups as evenly as possible then iterates over those groups. Intended to allow multi column layouts with a minimum of markup in the template code.

#split_row - A variant of split that returns the chunks as rows instead of as columns

# BlockRepeatPlugin - As an alternative to StringRepeatPlugin, this function allows you to repeat a block of a template a given number of times.

# ContentScrollerPlugin - This block function is useful for displaying any content you like in a scrollable block.

# Block.t (see SmartestSmartyMultilanguageSupport) - This is a block function for translating strings using gettext.

# TheCDMLPlugin - embed FilemakerPro?'s native CDML tags directly in Smarty template files

# SmartyGettext - Gettext support for Smarty

# UiPost - memorize filled in values of HTML U

I elements <input>, <select> and <textarea>

# XSLTBlockFunction - transform XML from a variable/url/file using XSLT inside block

# RSSBlock - iterates over items of a feed. Uses PEAR XML_RSS

# HtmlTableAdvPlugin - an 'advanced' version of html_table that allows more flexibility with the contents of the loop parameter

# table_foreach - The beauty of foreach with the power of html_table... (smarty code inside each cell as with foreach / $item and $key available in each cell / possibility of html table from array of arrays or from array of objects / possibility of nested tables... )

# BandedReportGenerator - banded report generator tool for recordsets with grouping

# datatable - This plugin creates a very versatile html table with sorting, searching, mouseover effects, one or multiple row selects, row color cycling, optional checkboxes and basically everything you will never need

# BlockWrapPlugin - Wrap template with another template.

# FillInFormValues - Auto-fill forms with Smarty variables and values from $_REQUEST.

# BlockHeadPlugin - Moves all content in {head}{/head} to right before</head>.

# DataGrid Plugin - format array into html table, xhtml1.1

# This plugins create a very smart mouseover effects

# StripTags - Adds native php strip_tags functionality (allowable tags), but retains backwards compatibility to traditional Smarty strip_tags.

# Truncate - Truncates the surrounding and adds a JS More/Less button

# html_jquery_tabs - Generate Tabs for html based on jquery tabs plugin

=== Functions ===

# json - Retrieve JSON data from a file (URL), decode it and assign it to a template variable.

# var - Assign (multiple) template variables from within the template in a brief and intuitive manner.

# SetVars - assigning several template variables during the execution of a template.

# Set - Set or assign a value to a variable (also arrays).

# Unassign - Unassign a template variable or an item of an array.

# Floor - Floor a value

# Ceiling - Ceiling a value

=== Modifiers ===

# stripslashes - remove slashes from a string

# highlight - highlight a string of PHP code

=== i18n, internationalization ===

# smarty-gettext enables full (n)gettext support in Smarty

=== Content Generation ===

# AnRDFPlugin - This plugin fetches RSS with the library

# Client-Side Javascript based RSS service feeder

# html_dir_icons - Scans and displays a directory using user-defined icons for files

# This plugins create a very smart mouseover effects

# icq - Display ICQ status picture for given account

# lastRSSLoad - Update to RSSLoad to use lastRSS sinc

=== Framework Integration ===

# ZendApplicationResource Integration with the Zend Framework via the Zend_Application resource plugin path